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Choppity® is the easiest and fastest AI video clip maker. The AI edits for you. You maintain 100% flexibility.

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10x faster

Edit at least 10x faster than using traditional video editing software like Premiere Pro [1]

35x cheaper

Up to 35x cheaper than outsourcing social media video editing via freelancers on Fiverr [2]

100% intuitive

Choppity does all the hard editing for you, so you can spend more time being creative

Choppity's® ultra-efficient features


Magic Clips™

Choppity® analyses your video to find viral clips using state of the art AI.

To make it easy to search through clips, Choppity® tags each clip with:

  • AI Title - an AI generated title of the clip
  • Vibe - e.g. funny, serious, wholesome
  • Category - e.g. story, fact, observation

Customisable animated captions

Choppity® automatically adds word-perfect animated captions to your videos.

To customise your captions to fit your brand, you can edit:

  • Animation style
  • Font, color, shadow, size
  • Caption position
  • Highlight individual words
  • Upload custom fonts

Magic Face Crop™

Choppity's® AI detects faces to ensure that the speakers are perfectly cropped in your videos. It even works with multi-cams and scene switching.

Magic Follow™

Is your speaker moving around a lot? With 1 click, Choppity® will follow the speaker and crop your video to center them - wherever they move.


Transcript based video editing in 97 languages

Choppity® transcribes your entire video so that you can edit just by highlighting a transcript. You can even download the transcripts to create blog posts or show notes! Choppity works with videos in English, French, Spanish, German and 93 other languages.


1-click brand kits

Created a video style you like? Save it as a brand kit so that you can reapply it to future clips for a unified look - perfect and consistent brand identity.

World-class customer support


"After a few small technical issues the team really went above and beyond to help. They were fast and efficient and really made all the difference. I don’t think I have had this type of customer service … maybe ever lol - Thank you and recommend"

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Harry MacKenzieHarry MacKenzie
I've basically got a whole day of work back

Clips are 100% the most effective medium we use to promote our pod, but clipping them up and adding subtitles was taking me over a day week of dedicated focus. Choppity has cut that work down to about an hour. So I've basically got a whole day of work back. Very happy

William SmithWilliam Smith
Choppity has made life a load easier...

Growing a podcast following organically is hard, so gaining traction across socials is your best bet! Choppity has made life a load easier: easy to use, quality word recognition and subtitle technology, a great team that are on-hand to answer any questions and actively seek feedback to constantly iterate and improve the product! Thanks Team Choppity!

Joel LowsonJoel Lowson
Saves me soooo much time!!!

Choppity is a fantastic editing tool! Even as an experienced video editor, editing together & subtitling short form social clips takes ages!!!! With Choppity I’ve been able to save so much time & still deliver professional looking videos. Would highly recommend it to anyone looking to pick out & subtitle social media videos

Tobias MölenkampTobias Mölenkamp
I'm impressed!

I'm impressed! Choppity has the potential to save so much time editing short-form content. I'm excited to see how Choppity evolves and can't wait to see how it continues to streamline my work.

Eleni SocratousEleni Socratous
Choppity is a amazing platform for…

Choppity is a amazing platform for re-purposing content and distributing it to different social media platforms. Their features allow for adjusting your content according to the social media platform you are planning on using it for while their caption graphics bring a freshness to your videos, making them more engaging and attention grabbing. It is very user friendly. Above all, the people behind Choppity care. Having talked to one of the co-founders, Aaron, he was quick to explain how to use the platform so that I maximize its usage while he was very keen on hearing my thoughts in order to keep on improving the platform and make the experience for users an even better one.

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  1. View the full survey here. The average Fiverr listing price is £15.14/minute of social media video editing. We calculated this average price based on the "tiktok video editing" search query. Our annually billed "Ultra" plan equates to £0.43/minute. This is 35 times cheaper.
  2. Based on a survey of video editors, we found that it takes a professional video editor an average of 45 minutes to edit a 60 second long social media video. With Choppity®, a 60 second video can be edited in under 4 minutes. This is over 10 times faster.